10 pence coins everywhere

After months of throwing every 10p coin I received into a tin today the tin reached its capacity and it could take no more. It was time to see how much I had saved over what feels like an eternity.

So out came the tin opener and I hit a first world problem that I should have expected… the tin opener wouldnt open the tin! Here I am with a can full of money and no way in. Not being one to be so easily defeated I busted out the junior hacksaw and with a evil little chuckle I start cutting thinking to myself soon my precious soon. Then ping and the hacksaw blade snaps. Tin 2 Jim 0.

Not detered by the losses already received I decide time to take the man approach, Hit it till it works so screw driver and hammer in hand I set to beating it open. 5 minutes later and I have reached my gial and even feel a bit better about the whole situation given I got to smash something.

After much counting I found I had saved nearly £50, not to shabby, and as a slight bonus ghere was a rarish 1lcoin which is currently £4 on ebay!

Rare coin


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