Southport trip

So yesterday I went to Southport with my 4 year old nephew to go to the funfair, arcades and beach.

Overall it was a fun day although I am really sore today from a lot of walking/standing around.

We got there way too early so we spent a lot of time wandering around the shops. Then to kill some more time we headed to Southport pier, a place that hasn’t changed in what feels like 15-20 years. I remember the hall of mirrors leading you into the arcade from when I was young but it was overall pretty fun. I managed to “win” a minion, from Despicable Me 2, teddy for my nephew who wouldn’t let it go all day.

From there we wandered up to the fair itself. Much rejuvenation has happened since I was last there a few years ago. There are no longer large arcades in the grounds the place in quite a bit cleaner and construction seems to be all but completed.

The rides were OK ranging from £1 – £3 per person which you had to pay for with tokens (you can’t trust your staff to handle money, a true sign of broken Britain). Most of the rides had seen better days but there were a couple which looked new and ironically most of these were out of commission for repairs.

The entertainment area was ok there was a huge ball pool area where you could abandon your child and take a break, an hourly magic show at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm and of course a few crane machines, penny drops and fruit machines to spend your money in.

We stayed for the 3pm magic show which was quite good, I was trying to puzzle out the tricks as they were done and managed to figure one out but the others were beyond me. The tricks were a little too grown up for the children in my opinion and the magicians assistant and the follow up act (a woman who could keep several hula hoops going) were very obviously there for the dads.

After the first two acts the compare came up on stage and did a trick with a child from the audience which was more suited for the kids as it was bright and colourful and engaged them in the trick.

From there we did a few more rides and decided against going on the beach as it was getting late and my nephew was getting cranky.

It was a good day out and certainly it’s a more cost effective day out than other fairs which charge you admission and then you can go on everything. Especially as me and my brother didn’t go on any rides we just spectated.

My feedback to Southport pleasure beach would be:

  1. Take out the sand from the sand pit, it’s full of broken shells and children hurt themselves playing there.
  2. Change the 3 token rides to 2 tokens, you’ll get more people riding.
  3. Add more kid friendly magic to the show, rabbits, hats you know what I am on about.
  4. Replace the no single riders policy with no single riders at busy times. An empty cart gets no tokens.
  5. Keep up the rejuvenation and add more rides.