Enders Game

I had mixed feelings about this film, I saw the posters and heard a wide range of reviews from this is the worse film ever to it being an instant classic masterpiece. It also looked like we were going to miss seeing this at the cinema as there always seemed to be something else out that we wanted to see.

I was quite impressed with this film, the story tells the tale of an alien race who tried to colonise earth, as their own planet wasn’t able to sustain it’s population growth, only to be beaten by a great military commander. Now to prepare for the return of the aliens earth trains the brightest children in military tactics and this film follows one of them, Ender.

This felt like there was a lot more story in the source material that had been cut in order to accommodate for film, Enders family for one seemed to have very little impact on the film but I suspect they played a larger part in the book to explain how Ender came to be how he is. I know this is a common complaint with novels which are converted to the big screen.

The CGI was really impressive and some of the tech was impressive, that is only some of the tech some of it was utterly ridiculous such as the UI on the military command simulator which looked like some overly complex 90’s dance number.

I didn’t have any issues with the acting everyone acquitted themselves well and the cast were all well cast. I found the story was a little obvious for me and I only saw one direction in which the film could logically go.

I’d give the film a good 7/10 maybe a little lower if you don’t like sci-fi (though why you would go to a sci-fi film if you don’t like them is beyond me).

Blizzcon: The less angry post

Ok, so now I have had chance to let the annoyances of Blizzcon pass I thought I’d do a little post to cover my highlights.

World of Warcraft

Yes they announced the Warlords of Dranor expansion, the name had been linked through the registration of the trademark a few days earlier but they gave us so much more than a name.

I am quite excited about the Garrisons side of things but am concerned that it will go the way of the farm where you maxing then ignore it or worse you get it and you don’t place the buildings you want, you place the ones that give you more raiding advantage.

Also 10 more levels, I think the debs got it right that getting level 100 will feel more epic than getting to 95 would.

And… New character models, finally my alts are going to look as cool as my Mage does, I really hope they fix some of the old model issues like the Orc hunch and the bones sticking through clothes on the undead, I mean come on if I have a bone showing on my arm it shouldn’t poke through my plate armour. Also I think it would be cool if you could choose an undead race i.e. Undead Dwarf rather than all undead looking like humans.

I am not looking forward to the pet changes where breeding pets can lead to an epic version, I am still working on leveling my pets (200/600ish) to max level. The thought that I have painstakingly acquired stones to make 98% of them rare quality to now find that I am going to have to make them epic is disappointing.

I didn’t expect new races or classes this time round so I am not shocked there weren’t any and the item squish had to happen, I will miss my 300k crits but I understand.


We got to see the awesome trailer for the new Diablo expansion, there was also a really interesting lore panel explaining why are fighting and what we are fighting, they also showed a lot of gameplay and everything looks awesome. I’ll definitely be getting the expansion and probably will get the collectors edition too.


Blizzard held a tournament and a number of panels on Hearthstone all of which we’re amazing, one of the things said in the presentation was that it’s not just a game it’s the stories that you can tell after a match. I couldn’t agree more with this when you have a fun game or an interesting game it stays with you and you can share it with your friends who are also playing and it starts more tales.

Heroes of the Storm

The trailer for this looked awesome and the gameplay and panels have made me think I am not going to bother with this, while it looks fun I feel it is just too pvp and I don’t do pvp.

Warcraft movie

I thought we’d see a trailer or get some cast information but they gave a lot of information on the crew and they told us enough to show this really is going to happen. ILM are involved and the team who created the hulk in the avengers are making the orcs for the film which I feel is a good decision.

Errrr kinda didn’t watch any of the Starcraft stuff but I am thinking that if I find myself bored and wanting a new game anytime soon then I will probably invest in a copy to try it or I’ll download the free 7 days and see what the crack is.

Think that covers everything that I watched or at least my highlights. I’ll probably post more at a later date but for now this is already a long post, especially for me.

Blizzcon: The angry post

I have to say I was extremely pissed this Friday when Blizzcon came around.

All my friends were in TeamSpeak with me and watching the opening ceremony when I noticed that the page was saying I has to buy Blizzcon if I wanted to watch anything after the opening ceremony. So I asked my friends none of whom were having the same issue so I ran to the forums faster than a paladin on patch day to see if I was alone or if there were others affected.

Sure enough there was a post on there where a number of people were reporting the same issue however one of the other players advised they had called Blizzard and that the problem would go away when the event started, sort of a switch being flipped so I left it there.

When the opening ceremony ended I was taken to the free streams section while my friends weren’t so I stomped back to the forums to vent some rage a see if there was a solution. There was not and more people were reporting issues. There was no official response to say we’re looking into it and from discussing it with the people effected there weren’t any common factors we checked date of purchase, method of purchase, card used for the purchase, clearing cache, browser, OS and ISP and it appeared that we were the unlucky few.

Eventually there was a response saying raise a ticket and a GM will get in touch and fix the issue. This I did and it did eventually get sorted but it turned the whole experience into one I would not care to repeat. I have paid for Blizzcon every year they have had the virtual ticket on offer and this is the first time they have let me down like this.

A few people have said that I should demand a refund but I don’t want to lose the pet from the event as I am a collector and this is only available to people who attended/watched and I did get to watch it after the fact and live the following day.

The whole thing was very stressful but it all worked out in the end even if most of the warlords info was ruined for me by global chat and TeamSpeak.


It’s that time of year again where I get all excited about the greatest gaming convention in the world.

Although I can’t attend as it’s in America and it isn’t financially viable to spend over £100 on a ticket then another £600+ for flights and digs for the weekend then there’s the spends…. All in all it’s just too much that pand the one time I potentially had the cash the tickets sold out soooo fast I didn’t get one.

So what do I think we will see this year?

World of Warcraft:
New expansion
Item squish
Scaleable low level dungeons and raids
5.5 Garosh escapes and we get a tie over 3 boss raid where we kill him.
New annual pass
New RAF system

Reaper of souls playable
Beta invites for attendees/with annual pass

Don’t know I don’t play this one

Heroes of the Storm:
Playable beta

Playable beta
Open beta immediately after blizzcon