Review: 47 Ronin

Just a quick one this folks as I haven’t much time to write a full review and to be honest I don’t think anyone who is considering watching this doesn’t know what to expect…

So I saw this at the cinema and thought meh this probably isn’t going to be any good, the CGI looks like they were working to hard and its Keanu Reeves playing Neo again!

All in all the script was quite interesting and the film felt well put together however the acting was hammy in parts and what the hell was with the half lizard people who could make magic swords just appear and move really quickly…

It’s not all bad though and I wouldn’t say it was a terrible film, give it a try just don’t take it too seriously.


So last night was truly awful.

It started straight after leaving my course where I decided to go to the walk in centre in Manchester as my chest was still causing me some discomfort, this started two weeks ago following a bit of a power walk between the cinema and spoons in Stockport.

I was treated to a two hour wait at the walk in centre despite presenting with chest pain… then when I was seen I was told that it was very late so there was nothing that they could do for me and if I wanted any  help I would have to go to A+E elsewhere in Manchester. Wonderful, if they had told me that when I got there I would have done that and saved myself two hours.

So I present at the hospitals A+E and they tell me that they need to do an immediate ECG on my heart which almost happend but someone else was in the room and so I was told to wait for the room to become free which happend 5 mins later however then I got to wait for a further 20 mins for them to see me and then I didn’t get the ECG I just had a conversation about why I was there. 30 mins later I get the ECG and blood taken. Then I was advised by the nurse who saw me that everything was fine with the ECG and that it would be 2 hours for the bloods to be tested, unfortunately at this point it was getting on and if I waited for the results that I would have missed the last train home which would have cost me money for a taxi which 2 days from pay day I couldn’t afford.

I asked if there was any way I could get the results by phone or through my doctor and they advised that my doctor could phone for the results however they’d advise staying. I called my granddad to see if he could pick me up when all was done and he was already in bed and by this hour there wasn’t anyone I could ask and feel comfortable asking to wait about to pick me up. When I advised the lady on the desk I was told that I would have to sign myself out and then it would be on my head. I apologised and explained my situation to be told by a rather rude doctor/nurse that I should stay and not be concerned with getting home, which is easy for him to say when he doesn’t have a 10 mile walk waiting for him.

Then as a parting blow he tells me that my doctor wouldn’t be able to get the results of the blood tests as they messed up with the labelling when they went to the lab so they would have to be drawn again however they weren’t willing to do so if I were to sign myself out.

All in all I am pretty mad about the whole experience I didn’t get home till around midnight and didn’t get much more than someone advising me that the ECG looked fine. I’m back on the health kick anyway so hopefully I will shed some weight and feel better about myself.  Rant over.


Starting to feel a little under pressure to perform here, I’m on a course next week to become an ISTQB certified software tester and I really don’t feel ready.

I’ve been doing the job now for around 6 weeks and in my own opinion I’ve been doing it well but now that it come to having to understand the theory of software testing when really all I am focused on is website testing is a bit daunting, I’ve gone through the text book and do comprehend most of it but there are key parts I need to commit to memory.

What’s worrying me more is that my job and career are riding on this qualification, if I pass I keep my new job and become a key part of the digital team if I fail I will have to find work in the user experience world again.

There is more that I need to consider though as the company I am working for is having a rough time of things, I’ve been offered a low salary compared to what the average market reference is. Not only that but I am still able to opt to take the redundancy payment offered at the beginning of January which would pay off all my borrowings and leave me with enough cash to possibly start looking to buy a house, the problem there is that I then need to go and find a new job in this market.

I feel rough times are ahead but if I can just try to slow down and think about things I can make the right decisions and things will pan out well for me.

Dallas buyers club

I’d seen the trailer for this a month or two ago and thought it looked rather interesting and recently I’ve found myself enjoying Matthew McConaughey since Lincoln Lawyer. He seemed to have given up on being the guy who looked good on screen and changed into the guy who acted well on screen.

The story follows Ron Woodruff who after a workplace accident is told that he has contracted HIV and only has 30 days to get his things in order. Ron goes through the five steps of grief like a freight train but when he reaches acceptance he decides to make a change to his lifestyle and with the help of Rayon (Jared Leto) forms the Dallas buyers club, a membership scheme which provides sufferers of HIV and aids a way to get their medication which doesn’t have FDA approval and so isn’t available is the USA.

I don’t want to give too much more away, and 90% of the above is in the trailer, I’d recommend giving this a watch. It may not be one to watch over and over again but Leto and McConaughey really knocked this one out of the park. 7.5 / 10


I don’t really know how I felt when I first heard about Frozen, part of me was excited to see a return to the old Disney way of the 90’s where their movies we all very singing and emotive and part of me was thinking that as a member of the male side of the species that a princess movie just wouldn’t appeal to me.

Spoiler alert

What I found interesting is that Disney, rather than focus on the Elsa it focused primarily on Anna the sister who was for the most part the cause of most of the turmoil.  She goaded Elsa into playing in the main hall which resulted in her being hit in the head with magic, she took Elsa’s glove at the party and wouldn’t give it back and she was the one who wouldn’t leave when Elsa told her to which resulted in her getting hit in the heart by the magical blast.

I was a little annoyed with the fact that most of the film was in song, yes I know I said I liked the old Disney where they sing but this was every bleeping conversation. Don’t get me wrong the big number “Let it go” was brilliantly executed but most of the rest felt forced.

All in all the story was a little weak and if they had focused on the heroine Elsa I rather than her sister I think it would have been a very different and much more interesting story. The older sister forced to hide away and hide her power lest she hurt someone she loves, the years of trying to control the power resulting in the eventual failure and self imposed seclusion.  Instead we get the younger bratty sister traveling to sort out the problem she caused and a ridiculously bad, bad guy.

I’m probably being a little harsh with my review here and the animation and “Let it go” piece alone are great but I would probably still only give the film 6/10.