Captain America: the winter soldier

After taking a week out and missing Scarlet Johanson in Under the skin, I got the chance to see her again this week in Captain America in what I would think is a very different film. Unfortunately after seeing Don Jon a month or two ago I had some trouble separating her character in Captain America is very different but I don’t know there was just something in the back of my mind that kept going back to Don Jon.

That aside I quite enjoyed the winter soldier, even of it was a little Nick Fury heavy, the plot flows well and while it is a long film I personally don’t think it dragged too much and we got an introduction to a couple of new faces from the Marvel universe in Falcon and the title character of the winter soldier.

All in all the winter soldier character took a back seat for a good part of the film and even after his introduction he didn’t get much screen time. As per the norm Marvel mixed the right level of humour into the mix with their usual high octane action scenes.

There are also two stingers I’m the trailers, the first of which is just a nod to the future of cap but if you wait till the end of the credits you get to see Barron Von Stucker, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

Wreck it Ralph

So I usually post my thoughts on here about new movies that I have seen at the cinema however as I didn’t go this week due to not feeling so hot I decided to watch an old film at home.

Wreck it Ralph was one of those films that just snuck up on me, the first time I heard about it was when I saw a poster on the side of a bus advertising it and at the time knowing not too much about it I decided to wait for the DVD release to arrive.

However before that happened I read an article about it online talking about how they had made the entire film and sought permission after the fact for using the likeness of the various video game characters portrayed in the film.

This piqued my interest, a computer game based animated movie, so I went to watch it that week and loved it. Last night was probably the third or fourth time I have seen the film and it still holds the magic that drew me in the first time, I loved the idea that all games were linked together through the power cord and that characters from games all interacted with one and other.

The premise of looking at the world through the eyes of a bad guy was genius, just because they are the bad guy doesn’t make them a bad guy. Even the sickeningly adorable Penelope Von Sweetz was enjoyable and a well developed character.

The idiot movie database rated this at 6.2 when I looked earlier, personally I feel this is a low however at the same time I get that if you aren’t the films target demographic which a lot of people won’t be then you wouldn’t give the film a good review. Overall I’d rate this a solid 8/10 and look forward to hem not making a sequel and ruining what was a well made and thought out film.

Diablo 3: Reaper of souls

Last week while I was off I spent quite some time playing through RoS and I have to say I have really enjoyed it.

The new storyline quests see you perusing the angel of death as he has taken the black soul stone for his own nefarious purposes. Throughout which you find out that his plan is to remove all evil from humanity even though this will kill all of humanity as they contain both good and evil.

There is a great deal of lore scattered through the act and there’re are some really interesting new enemy’s and environments to run around in, my favourites being the new streets of west march and the homes you can enter while on them.

Once you take down death you then open up adventure mode, in this mode you are assigned 25 random quests, 5 per act, which range from kill a random boss on the map and 100 bad guys to take part in an event. This really adds to the replay ability of the game s you can earn rewards in the form of blood shards which can be traded for items and you also get rift key stones which alloy you entry to a special map where you can earn even more shards.

The new paragon system I have found to be a little confusing as I don’t really know which stats are most beneficial to my character and worse as now it’s uncapped it seems a daunting exercise to gain what feels will be a mandatory 800 paragon levels (to cap all paragon abilities appart from characters base stats) at least when there was a max you knew where you stood.

I haven’t yet tried out the crusader, the new class which came with RoS but I have partied with a few and they seem like they are quite a fun class to play.

The only criticisms I have is the quality and drop rate of the legendary items. I have force lay removed all but one of my legend arts from pre RoS, not because I have found better items but because I have found it is easier going in the new legendaries. The stats are typically lower and it isn’t possible anymore to get that truly awesome item as the 4-6 random properties roll 1-4 primary 1-2 secondary so you cannot get that crit hit, crit power, attack speed, int and vit necklace. Also the drop rate is pretty poor especially from the blood shards vendor. Currently I am trying to get legendary pants, I have spent over 1000 blood shards and no dice.

All in all the game is really quite good and feels like it has a lot more replay-ability and I can see myself passing a lot of time on it until Warlords of Daenor arrives in Autumn.>

The Legend of Hercules

So last night was cinema night and as we wanted to save Captain America till everyone was out, so instead we watched The Legend of Hercules.

When I arrived I wasn’t aware that this film was out, in fact I had only heard about it a couple of weeks earlier when my brother mentioned it.

When I spotted the poster outside I recognised the lead actor from something else but couldn’t be sure if he was in Merlin or 300:Rise of an Empire so I imdb’d the film to find out it was actually immortals I recognised him from having only watched that a few weeks earlier. When I checked the idiot movie database it did show the average rating was 4.2, this should have been a danger sign.

Watching the first half of the film I found myself think 4.2 is a bit low, it’s by no means a great film but it certainly isn’t that bad… (Spoilers ahead) unfortunately it then progressed from mediocre acting and weak plot to the dam right ridiculous, there is scene where Hercules is chained to two sandstone pillars, at this point he embraces he inner Demi god and draws on his power to pull down the two pillars which both broke away at the top leaving him with the most blatant “shot for 3d” scene ever in which Hercules whips round the chains with boulders on the end and takes out a troop of soldiers.

Unfortunately this was not the final nail in the coffin, later on there was a sceneĀ  Hercules holds his sword aloft and let’s out a battle cry, at which point Zues, I presume, strikes his sword with lightning which turns it into a 50ft lightning whip which he uses to takedown around 3 century’s of men. Discounting the obvious ridiculousness of this I found myself thinking that I had been transported 30 years back in time as the CGI was just horrible.

I am flabbergasted that someone at the studio or on the directing staff didn’t take one look at those two scenes and just say “fuck, we can’t release this, it’s terrible.” Honestly I could have gotten around most of the rest of the stupid on the film and given it a solid 5.5 or 6 out of 10 but after those two scenes I am left thinking 4.2 was generous and I’d give the film no more than 3/10

Save yourself two hours and go watch paint dry!