Ach again with the lack of posting

Apologies for the lack of posting, I’ve been working on a few projects recently and been incredibly busy with work, it no excuse really I should be able to manage my time more efficiently.

Let’s see what’s happened… Not much really I upgraded to a ssd but in the process I accidentally formatted the backup partition on my old hdd! I managed to recover most of the images but some are lost forever 🙁

I’ve also picked up a new camera, a Nikon P530; I’m sort of on the fence about it at the moment, I previously had a compact and phone combo and found the quality of my phones camera too low to do anything with the pictures and the compact while it produced nice shots was lacking compared to the DSLR I was using before so I was generally not too bothered about doing anything beyond taking pictures when required.

The Nikon gives me a lot more versatility and I can get much more satisfying pictures with a good depth of field. The macro mode is really good too however I’d like to be able to get closer to my subject however when I do the camera loses focus and I cannot get it with manual focus.

I also purchased the WU1A adaptor for the camera which gives it wireless capabilities and integrates with a mobile app for Android and iOS. This seemed like a really good purchase at the time however when I got the adaptor and started experimenting I found that the app would only work in full auto so I couldn’t adjust the aperture or the shutter speed, a real failing in my opinion so I returned the adaptor.

I overall am happy with the camera and intend to take a lot more photos over the coming months and will try to post them on here as well as on my Facebook page however if you want a look pop over to my Facebook page and you will find them in my albums.

Also a friend suggested a 100 portraits challenge where I need to ask 100 random people I do not know if I can take a portrait of them and post it online with a few random pieces of information about them. It’s an exercise to get you used to taking portraits and also in talking to strangers something I am not very good at. I am quite interested in the idea however I am not 100% confident in doing this so haven’t started yet.

In other news I turned 32 last week, ugh, and went out for drinks on Friday to celebrate the career of my department head as he head off to pastures new. It was a good night and plenty of birthday drinking was done 🙂

The following day was a disaster as I was at a physical and wasn’t really in any state to do anything but sleep, it wasn’t the beers fault really I only drank 7 or 8 pints and wasn’t that drunk I was just feeling a little under the weather which was reflected in Saturdays random 4 hour nap in the middle of the day which messed my sleep pattern up and I haven’t been able to sleep properly for the last two nights.

Other than all that I’ve not much else to report. Keep your eyes reeled on the site for an update on the projects if I do manage to get them off the ground I’ll post here first… Probably.