Been a while since I have posted so I figure I’ll post something to update what I’ve been working on.

This past few weeks I have been setting myself up for recording some YouTube videos, something I wanted to do a while ago but wasn’t happy with the audio from my headset so wanted to get a proper microphone.

Well now I have one and have captured 11 videos and recorded audio form them, next up I need to render the videos with the audio and reduce the file size, the recordings I have taken are at 1080p and a 12 min sample video was nearly 30GB!

Overall I am still a little disappointed with the microphone, it doesn’t seem to pic up my voice very well, this may be a problem with the software so I am going to experiment a little more when I get time.

I’d also quite like to get something to sit in the middle when I am using the mic for voice coms such as TeamSpeak which would let me add effects/auto tune/adjust. Y levels on the fly. I have seen a number of phone apps that do this out of the box but haven’t seen anything for desktop.

Other than that it’s been much of the same day to day:

work > home > exercise > bath > 1-2 hours gaming > bed > repeat

No exciting life for me.