Movie review: The Inbetweeners 2

Last night was movie night so we trooped out to the local cinema to watch the sequel the first Inbetweeners movie, the latest of the TV to cinema craze that seems to be in fashion at the moment with program’s like Alan Partridge, Benny Hill and Keith Lemon all getting there shots at the big screen.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going in to the film other than more of the same good stuff that the TV series and first movie delivered especially as the trailers for this we’re lacking in any actual content.

The first thing that stuck me was the number of people in the screen considering that the film is a week old and the fact that even for major block busters like Guardians of the Galaxy the screen is usually pretty empty, when I went to guardians there were 3 other people in the screen with me.

The film itself was a bit loose, the characters don’t seem to have grown in any way, they’re the same as ever, maybe Neil’s a little dumber, but they don’t seen to have gained any further depth.

The story follows Will, Simon and Neil who go to Australia to visit Jay who tells them how he’s living the high life, however when they get there things turn out to be a little different. The story then follows the gang as they go on a trip with a group of travellers who are on their gap year with will desperately trying to get with a childhood love. Hilarity ensues however unfortunately there are more cringeworthy moments and forced jokes which probably worked better on paper than on the screen.

The ending of the film has to be the most disappointing part of this film, I think they either ran put of money or just didn’t have time to come up with one so they rushed everything into a scene or two which didn’t really give much in the way of closure, it just kind of ended.

Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the film however I don’t think that is was worth the time watching it at the cinema and may have been better seen at home, some of the jokes did make me laugh out loud I just feel that there wasn’t enough meat on the bones of this film. I doubt we’ll se another outing for the lads but to be honest I don’t think that is such a terrible thing.

All in all I’d give this a 5/10 and would recommend waiting for the DVD release.