Blizzcon 2014

It’s that time of year again where I get all jealous of those lucky lucky people who live in the USA or can afford to travel over to visit what is, in my option, one of the greatest events known to gamerkind.

This year is no different to the others and I have already pre purchased my watch from home ticket, booked the time off work and have plans to use my newly purchased Chromecast to watch it in 1080p goodness on my TV whilst playing the games that they are talking about.

Usually I do some speculating about what I think they will announce at the event and this year shall be no different, I’ll probably have to write this post in a couple of sittings as I’m not all that up on a couple of the franchises at the moment.


Warlords of Draenor: this is a bit of a given but as the game is released a couple of weeks after Blizcon it will be playable at the event.

Warcraft: the movie: We will get to see the trailer or a short extract from the movie, I think we are still over a year away from the actual movie release however filming has finished and they’re in the post production stage where they’ll no doubt have to sort the CGI, lots and lots of CGI.

It’s the 10 year anniversary of World of Warcraft this year and there is a lot of in game stuff planned, I would suspect that attendees will get to try out the new PvP content and maybe Molten Core while ay the event.

Attendance loot: If it wasn’t a Blizzard event I’d say that attendees will get a 24/48 hour early access however it is Blizzard so we know that we will instead get a in game Murloc pet.

Diablo 3

I think this time round we won’t see much on the D3 front, they’ve just launched 2.1 and the console editions so it doesn’t make sense to talk about another expansion release just yet.

That being said I think we may get a bit of lore for the next expansion, my money is on the a tale of redemption for Leah, who became the new Diablo in the first release of D3. Failing that the end of Reaper of Souls did drop some hints towards a nephelem gone evil and who would protect the world against them if they did so who knows.

Attendance loot: banner stuff, meh.


New expansion, Heart of the Swarm is getting on now and Blizzard are actively trying to push people to play the game and the PTR.

Attendance loot: Character avatar


Again I think after the success of Curse of Naxramus we will get another solo adventure announced and possibly a new card pack type bought with a new currency other than gold. This will still be earn able through dailies but will enable Blizzard to release new content more freely by saying gold is for previous generation pack, new currency if for new ones and at the release of the new stuff all currency will convert to gold.

Attendance loot: legendary card and card back

Heroes of the Storm

Open beta date will be announced, this games been in closed beta now for what seems like forever so now seems a good time to announce an open beta.

Attendance loot: Closed beta access and possibly a special skin for a character or even a special character.


Project Titan is dead, long live project Titan 2

OK so the last update Blizzard face us was that Titan was at a point where it either need to be redone from the ground up or scrapped and started again. My feeling is they scrapped it and started again, took what was done as a learning experience and said let’s get this right next time.

I think we will see what Titan is and who it is for at Blizzcon, my gut feeling is it’s a free to play mmo that will attract the free to players into the Blizzard universe, it is coming at the right time as Blizzard have announced they are down to 6 million players worldwide and are actively consolidating servers to keep smaller servers alive.

Attendance loot: none

Movie review: Before I go to sleep.

Last night was again movie night and to be honest the pickings were slim. In the end we decided to go for Before I go to sleep, a drama thriller staring Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong.

By all accounts everyone gave a strong performance, especially Kidman who convincingly portrayed the role of a woman who woke up everyday with no memory of the last 20 years.

Firth was brilliant too playing the role of Kidmans husband who had to wake up every day and go through the ordeal of explaining to his wife what had happened in the last 20 years.

Finally Strong was Kidmans secret doctor who was trying to get her to remember what happened to her following the in sent in which she lost her memory. At the start of the film you see him give her a camera so she can record a video diary to remember one day to the next.

All in all the acting was really really good, unfortunately the films plot wasn’t really that unique, all the way through I was thinking this is a little bit like Memento meets 50 first dates just much darker.

I will give it credit though, all the way through it has you guessing who it is that beat up Kidman and left her for dead and when it is finally revealed you’re taken by surprise, or at least I was.

I’d give this film a 6.5/10 and say its one probably best enjoyed at home rather than on the big screen.

Movie Review: The Guest

I am a little behind with writing one of these however I find myself with 20 mins and thought what the hell, lets start type typing and see where I get to.

Last night I pop out to the cinema with Chris to watch a random film that we hadn’t seen. We chose The Guest, let me start by stating this review/rant contains spoilers, by reading it you are agreeing to accept that the views expressed are those of Jim Connor and not anyone who he may or may not be affiliated with…

So let me start with what the hell, I was left feeling more than a little confused after watching this. Get this, a soldier turns up at the home of one of his fellow soldiers who died to pass on a message from beyond the grave from the family’s son. Said family decide to take in this soldier till he can find work and somewhere to live.

This ex-soldier then proceeds to look after the family whilst he is with them to the best of his ability, father gets passed over for a promotion, soldier kills the person who got the job and his girlfriend for good measure, son gets beat up at school, soldier kicks the shit out of the bullies in a bar, daughter’s boyfriend is a no good drug dealer, he frames him for murder. You get the picture.

From here Anna, the daughter, finds out that he isn’t who he said he was and outs him to the family, what do they do… fuck all. They ignore her as he’s such a nice guy.

From here the military turn up to save the day and while they don’t get into the exact details, they explain that he was part of a medical experiment and that he is “programmed” to clean up all loose ends when his cover is blown. The soldiers that turn up to take him are pretty much incompetent and considering that they are the “good guys” they suffer from bag guy shooting disorder (couldn’t hit a barn door at 5 paces).

I could go on but at this point I have probably ruined most of the film for anyone who has read this. I’d personally only rate this 4 out of 10 and would advise staying away.