Movie Review: The Theory of Everything

Going into this movie I didn’t know what to expect, sure I know who Stephen Hawking is but I don’t know much about his life. I was expecting to see more of the science we know Stephen for however there wasn’t a great deal on this front, more of a fleeting glance.

The film instead takes a look at the relationships and struggles of Stephen and Jane and in my opinion the file focuses more on Jane than Stephen whose autobiography the film is based upon.

The film itself was really quite exceptional, the leads in the film did an outstanding job portraying Stephen and Jane and what it must have been like caring for someone who was suffering from such a disease.

I’d give this film a solid 7/10 however with the caveat that it may not be what you are expecting g, if you are interested in more of the sciency stuff then this probably isn’t the film for you.

Movie review: Dumb and Dumber To

I was looking forward to this film having enjoyed the original, not so much the sequel, but I was generally disappointed with this outing of Harry and Lloyd.

Don’t get me wrong there are some funny moments in the film but for the most part the jokes were a little off and the characters had changed for the dumb guy that shit just happens to into genuinely not very nice people who just so happen to be a little dumb.

I was hoping here for classic Jim Carrey comedy here but the jokes, while at times funny, we’re lacking in that original zany genius that he brings to the screen.

Overall I would give the film 5/10 and hope that they don’t bother with another follow up and leave the rest of the early Carrey comedies alone so I can remember them fondly.