Movie review: Chappie

Last nighties engaged watched Chappie a film I’ve had very mixed feelings on, on one hand I was expecting a great film after all it is directed by Neil Blomkamp who directed one of my favourite films, District 9, on the other it could just be a modern day Short Circuit especially seeing the trailer where chappie is interacting with Yo-Landi Visser.

Although the film wasn’t as good as I expected I have to say for the most part i was entertained and enjoyed myself, the CGI was really good and very realistic and for the most part I completely forgot that the main character in the film had been created with motion capture and CGI.

The film is packed with action and kept me engaged and there we’re excellent performances from Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman and of course Sharlto Copley. I especially liked Jackmans character an ex-military engineer looking to put bigger better machines on the streets as apposed to Patels scout units.

There were some glaring plot holes in the film and some of the acting was truely awful but the underlying message of the film shines through and these can be overlooked.

I’d recommend giving this a watch and personally would give it a solid 7/10.