Fantastic Four

I feel I should start this with a notice that I am a little biased here, I grew up with the Fantastic Four and ampretty set im my ways when it comes to how I think they should be portrayed. I don’t have pictures on my wall of my family I have Spiderman, The Hulk and The Fantastic Four (anyone who has visited will confirm this).

Tonight I got to see a pre release of the new Fantastic Four film at my local cinema and although I didn’t know too much about the story I had heard tales of re-shooting following the leak of the script.

All in all I have to say was disappointed with the film, don’t get me wrong I do feel bad for Fox, Fantastic Four has to be one of the harder franchises to bring to the big screen. I would imagine the CGI budget for The Thing and Johny Storm must have been astronomical however I would have accepted shitty CGI if they had  spent the time and money on the script came up with a interesting or even just exciting movie and hadn’t fucked with the origin of the character or turned them into whiny teens (yes, I realise I sound like the afore mentioned whiny teen).

I am at the point now here I don’t need another 90 minute origin story, you can quite easily sum up the fantastic fours origin in a 10 – 15 minute flash back, cinema goers these days would be willing to accept it and would probably thank you for not having to witness the same thing over and over again (this isn’t the first time The Fantastic Four have been on the big screen).

I am hopeful that this spells the Doom (ugh) for the Fox Fantastic Four “experience” and as a result they return the rights to Marvel to have a crack at it however if I am honest with myself I don’t think even Marvel Studios can rescue the franchise in the next few years and at best when the rights return to them they will use the characters in other films.

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