Movie review: Legend

I caught  legend last week and all in all I have to say that I really enjoyed the film,  Hardy gave a fantastic performance as both Ronnie and Reggie Kray and for a good part of the film it was seamless to the viewer,  sure you know it’s the same guy but you very easily forget that.

Having seen the trailer I was expecting a movie about the life of the Krays and while it gave a peek into their life it focuses more on the relationship between Francis and Ronnie and not the shenanigans of the Krays themselves.

Honestly I don’t see myself watching the film again , it’s just a bit too long and doesn’t really  give you a sense of conclusion that you want at the end of the film although that being said  the journey it takes you on is well worth taking, just maybe one worth taking when it comes out on DVD/BluRay