My first/third game

For a while now I have been flirting with trying my hand at programming, part of the reason is because as time passes it becomes more and more evident that automation is the future of testing, my chosen career, and a solid foundation in programming is really needed to understand how everything glues together. Recently I started a online course through Udemy¬†thanks to a recommendation from a colleague, this wasn’t just a programming course though it was a learn to make computer games while learning how to program in C#.

In the past I have tried to learn JS with mixed success, PHP with complete and utter failure and Ruby which while I got the concepts I didn’t really do anything with it. Where this course differs is the practical application immediately putting to use what you have learnt and turning it into games! Those who know me well know I am a gamer and so the ability to write my own games is awesome.

Today I completed my first/third game, first own game built without following the tutorials in the videos third if you count the two I have built on the course itself.

You can try the game here,