Day 4

A little disheartened today, I stuck to the usual breakfast of yogurt and apple, had a lunch of chicken salad with apple and for tea chicken salad again. That being said I weighed myself just now and my weight is 130.2 kg which isn’t an improvement. I increased my steps too so have been more active I am a little confused as f I am honest.

Weight: 130.2kg

Steps: 8975

Day 3

Still hard going but not giving in, Had all kinds of problems this morning, my car battery had died overnight, it’s been shaky for a while and to be honest I should have done something about it before now so I have replaced it with a new one. Foodwise, same breakfast of yogurt and apple, for lunch I swapped to chicken with lettuce, the recipe called for an apple too but I had ran out so I did without. For dinner I have just had a small piece of cod with frozen peas and spring onions. It was OK but I think I undercooked the fish a little bit.

Steps: 4156 (I worked from home today so I didn’t get chance to do much walking).

Weight: 130.6kg

Day 2

Second day of 800 carb free calories a day and it has again been hard going, breakfast was better, I had a pratically sugar free natural yogurt with slices of apple. Lunch I had a red pepper with feta cheese and a few veggies. My evening meal was the same chicken salad from yesterday, it wasn’t too bad but I am not a fan of the beans the recipe calls for.

Steps: 6916

Weight: 131.3kg

Day 1

First day of 800 carb free calories a day and it has been hard going, breakfast was 2 Portobello mushrooms with chic peas and steamed spinach, I don’t like chic peas and ended up leaving over 3/4 of the second mushroom. Lunch I had a crayfish salad which was really good, the recipe called for a lemon dressing but I didn’t have all the ingredients and I don’t really do salad dressing, unfortunately I had to get an earlier lunch as I had 4 hours of meetings in the afternoon which stopped me having a lunch hour so come 5pm I was really feeling hungry. My evening meal is currently cooking which is a chicken salad which should be nice.

Steps: 6141

Weight: 132.2kg

Hiding in the loo

Well it is day 2 in the office and as per everything is going badly. Work coming at me from all sides and I am starting to feel the pressure, so much so that I have decided to take my lunch and hide in the loop listening to music and trying to chill out before I explode.

Other than that I have been having more of the usual sleep problems and getting up at 7am for work may actually be killing me.

Much as I complain about it the RMT train strikes which have ruined my trips to and from work are going to help next week as they are striking for 3 days so my plan is to work from home, that should give me the ability to sleep in a little and when I wrap up at 5 I am done and already home! Winner.

Probably should head back now, been here 10 mins and there’s stuff that needs doing.