2021 can you believe it?

Well 2020 is over and we fund ourselves in 2021 and for the most part it’s the same stuff just on a different day. The world is still in this crazy mixed up space where you can’t do what you want when you want as the Covid virus is still wreaking havoc and we are now into our 3rd lockdown.

I’ve decided to take the opportunity that a quieter time has granted me to hit the reset button on the old blog and return it to the outlet it once was for me to clear my mind and generally get stuff off my chest and out of my head to hopefully ease some of the first world struggles I am going through.

I hate new years resolutions and as such writing on here isn’t one but instead is a goal I have set myself (I know goals/resolutions are the same thing but my thinking is I never stick to a resolution so maybe a goal will work). I have also set myself a couple of other goals for 2021 which I’ll save diving into until a later date but they are to make a significant effort to get a deposit together for a mortgage this year and to take better care of myself because if I am honest I am closing in on the big 40 and I really need to.

Until next time.

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