October 2016 Loot Crate

It’s that time of the month again when loot crate delivers a box of awesome to me from the good old USA.

This month’s theme was Horror which is not really something that I would normally get behind however with one thing and another (I’ll rant about that later) I didn’t have time to cancel the crate for the month and to be honest with myself I probably wouldn’t have cancelled as a lot of the stuff can be quite cool regardless of the franchise it is representing.

Unfortunately it turns out my original thought of cancelling the crate this month would have been correct based on what was in the crate, don’t get me wrong the things in the crate were good quality and were they from franchises that I liked then I would have been happy however they were not.

This months crate had a Walking Dead T-Shirt which was actually pretty cool but I am a season behind so I didn’t really get the reference, There was a pair of Nightmare on Elm Street chop sticks which may actually get used as I don’t think I own any chop sticks. Also there was a flag for a sports team featured in Friday the 13th and finally there was a plush teddy of Leather Face from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Overall I’d value the contents of the crate well above the £20 I paid however I just don’t think it was the right crate for me.

Now, as previously advertised, the rant.

Last month the good people at Loot Crate changed the company they shipped the packages with from Royal Mail to Yodel. This for me resulted in a degradation in service as the Yodel driver claimed to have attempted delivery on a day I was in work and I was home, he also claims that a card was put through the door, which it wasn’t, and sent me an email with a phone number to make contact, which they didn’t answer. Anyhow, long story short, the Yodel website tracking showed that they attempted 3 times and on the third attempt the package was rejected and returned to sender… Given I was in work and received no cards through the door I can only assume that the driver was at another address as I couldn’t possibly reject it if I was 10 miles away.

In a turn of good customer service though I contacted Loot Crate, explained the situation and they posted another crate out to me which arrive last week ago. This crate was much better however its contents are now scattered throughout my flat and I really can’t be arsed finding them all to photograph them.

Just uploaded the pictures from the crate and remembered there was also a book on unfortunate super villains, this actually may be something I get some use out of as I do like my comic heroes and villains.

Chop sticks
Leather face

August 2016 Loot Crate

I’ve just received this months Loot Crate and as per the unusual I thought I’d post a couple of pictures and my thoughts on the contents of this months crate.

The theme this month was Anti Hero and when this was announced it was revealed that there would be something from Archer, Hell boy, Kill Bill and Suicide Squad/Harley Quinn.

Other than Archer I knew all about these franchises and while Hell Boy and Kill Bill weren’t really something I think I would have gone out and spent money on Harley Quinn has to be one of my favourite DC characters and having just seen the Suicide Squad film a couple of weeks ago I was really looking forward to seeing what they had in store for me.

Every loot crate comes with a t-shirt now and this months was an Archer t-shirt, whilst I am don’t think it’s particularly bad shirt I don’t know much/anything about Archer and so wasn’t overly taken with it. I’ll probably wear it but all in all not a good start.

Next came the Kill Bill item, a pair of socks. I have plenty of socks but who can ever have too many… right? Again these are OK but not something I’d spend money on and feel a bit like something you’d see on the market for a couple of quid.

Next up Hell Boy, this was kind of cool, it is a Hell Boy fist money box, unforunately it isn’t very big so unless you put large value coins in there you aren’t going to get more than a few pounds in there but it looks good.

Finally the item that I had been looking forward too, the Harley Quinn figure, this was another Q-Fig of which I now own 5 of. As usual the quality of these is very good although Harleys mallet feels a little flimsy. The best part of this though is like my Batman Q-Fig it comes with a white board speech bubble where you can write your own messages! This I like very much and for me justified the entire £20 and would have paid that for this figure alone.

The other thing that I got for buying the crate, but was completely useless to me, is was a free month with all current expansions for World of Warcraft, as I said though this was useless as I already subscribe to Warcraft but I can see why Blizzard put that in there given their new expansion launches next week so this may attract new players to the franchise.

All in all very happy with the crate. 5/5 for Harley 2.5/5 for the rest.

Archer t-shirt

Kill Bill Socks

Hell Boy Money Box

Harley Quinn Q-Fig