CEX Failure pt 2

So following on from my last post about the colossal failure at CEX I took a trip into CEX in Manchester to see how I got on there.

My main driver for this was I’d spent £28 on the Wii at weekend and I wanted to get the funds back so all I took with me was the 3 Wii remotes and a unboxed copy of Sonic and Knuckles.

I am pleased to say that I was actually treated like a human being in the Manchester shop and better still the chap took a look over the remotes, tried all the buttons and then took them, no questions asked.

The Mega Drive game confused him a little bit, he initially thought it was some sort of converter as Sonic and Knuckles has a slot on the top of the cart where it takes another game in to play a special mini game or an enhanced version of Sonic games. The chap serving me, checked with a colleague who knew what the game was and within a minute or two they accepted that too! No messing about, no testing it in a Mega Drive, just accepted.

This has revived my faith in CEX trading and I think I will try again in the coming weeks as I have now managed to flip around £100 worth of extra bits into usable vouchers which can get me something I want.

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