CEX failure

So having moaned a bit about this last week I decided to try my hand at this whole CEX trade thing, I have a box full of stuff going spare and taking up room in my flat and was out at a car boot today with the hope of finding some gaming stuff for my collection.

The car boot was a little sparse to say the least, most of the people who had games had either bad games, damaged games or overpriced games. I did manage to get one or two games but in my eagerness to get something I made an impulsive buy. I purchased a Wii off a market trader who was asking £30 for a Wii with 3 remotes, a pile of games and a few other bits.

Knowing the Wii remotes were selling for £14 trade at CEX I went for it thinking there was £12 profit in them alone and in my haste I didn’t pay attention as the guy was packing it in the box… When I got back I started to take stock of what I got to my dismay I found that all but 2 of the games were missing from their cases (Do’h) and the guy didn’t give me any of the cables for the Wii (fuck).

After I calmed down I decided that I’d get rid of all the stuff to CEX thinking I’d get £150+ after all I had 4 Wii remotes, 3 PS1s a ruck of PS1, PS2, 360 and Wii games and even a couple of random stragglers for the Mega Drive and GameCube. That however was not to be…

The “kid” serving me was a bit of a prick, I know I was probably not what he wanted, someone walking in with 50ish games and a load of other stuff, but I queued like everyone else and for gods sake you are being paid to be there.

A couple of the games were scratched or had boxes which were damaged (20+ year old games) those he just rejected because they couldn’t sell them in that condition… Where the boxes were damaged though I just changed the boxes with those which had damaged disks and forced him to take them (probably not my best idea). Once we got through the disk based games I started handing the Mega Drive games over to be told, and I shit you not here. “We don’t have the computer so we can’t buy them as we have no way to test them.”

WHAT THE FUCK, lets ignore the fact that you have 6 games for sale on the Mega Drive, you’re a shop which sells the games, how can you have no way to test them.

Next I went for the money makers, the 4 Wii remotes. £14 each was the price of the day so there was a lot of value sitting in these however they were all rejected as they had lots in stock so didn’t want anymore… really.

Finally I handed over the PS1 consoles I had to be told, it would take an hour to test them, I was alright with this but I was getting annoyed at this point. In keeping with the theme of the day though they rejected 2 of them out of hand because they had AV outputs and not scart, yet again showing that they aren’t set up to buy the stock they sell.

In summary I have to say that I am not very impressed with my CEX experience and will probably stick to more specialist shops who are set up to deal with games stuff. Also this highlighted the need to get a CD cleaning machine which I think I’ll treat myself to next pay day.

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