I decided that after weeks and weeks of gameplay with Medievil which I finished last week that I’d move on to a game which was relatively shorter and yet something that I enjoyed in my younger years, as such I picked up Discworld.

Discworld is a point and click adventure game on the PS1 bases around the stories of Terry Pratchett.  The first game in this franchise, and the one I was playing through, followed the adventures of Rincewind the wizard who is trying to stop a dragon from destroying the town of Anch Morpok.

I remember back in the day completing this and it taking months of effort going from place to place looking for the one item which enabled you to carry on your adventure, unfortunately coming back to it these years later actually lessened the experience for me. Don’t get me wrong here, the magic was still there, Eric Idles excellent voice acting classes mbines with Pratchett’s witty world.  

Where I struggled was I either remembered what you had to go and what you had to collect or when I got stuck I didn’t have the patience to go through every chat option to find the right option and resorted to an online resource to find the next step.  This really took away from my enjoyment of the game and looking forward to the other two Discworld games in my collection I will be desperately avoiding doing this.

I did also find a couple of points with the game kind of annoying, firstly the inability to say the word monkey without being clattered by the librarian, I know that’s what happens in the books and appreciated it the first time but when you get the exact same, unskipable, animation each time it gets old fast.

Second, for much the same reason, the dragon summoning, constantly saying dragon over and over is not a summon gets old fast.

Other than this the only real bug bear I had was the lack of load screen on the main menu so each time I turned off the computer I has to start a new game and load it from there.

Overall a great game which has remained quite fun and one I’d recommend to this day.

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