Game Complete: Back to the Future

Hot on the heels of Lego Marvel I decided to play through a game I recently bought on the recommendation of my cousin, Back to the Future The Game. This is one of the games produced by Tell Tale Games, who released a new Monkey Island and kept the Sam and Max franchise alive a few years back so I was familiar with their games and have enjoyed playinh them on the PC.

First of all I am going to brag a bit as this is the first game I got a platinum trophy on, having decided to skip it on the Marvel as it got a bit tedious I decided that I was going to go for it on this one, and well I did…

The game itself follows on from the movie and has a unique story where you go back in time to rescue Doc who gets stranded in the past, in doing so however you set into motion a chain of events which damages your timeline and so you go back again and repair your future but again in doing so you cause more problems. The game is split across 5 chapters each lasting an hour or two in game play length with good chunks of lore and story wrapped around them.

Sometimes the controls are a bit challenging, I think this has been done on purpose so that when you transition between screens if you’re holding up then it continues to move you in that direction however this results in you wobbling around a bit like a drunk fool. In addition there are a couple (several) graphical glitches which could benefit from patching where you can see through walls, or things just bug out completely but these are minor in the grand scheme of things.

This game serves as a really nice interactive story rather than a traditional point and click game, with the more traditional games you’d collect a load of meaningless junk but then combine them to make useful items in order to progress, with this game you collect items and question people as you play but it is very linier and you just present the items to people to progress, none of the mixing and muddling through a plethora of junk. Keep this in mind and you’ll enjoy the story for what it is.

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