Game Complete Broken Sword 5

I actually can’t believe this, I have, in the space of a week, completed 5 games. Now I know I was playing Resident Evil over a month or two with my cousin whenever he came to visit and I was playing Shadows of Mordor for a week or so but then for this to be done and completed from scratch in the same week, I am a little shocked.

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet, not just because it’s the third one I’ve written today but because the game itself is pretty short. In total I think it took me around 6 hours to get through the game, so please keep that in mind, this isn’t one of those games which you’ll be at for days and days, you will probably bear it in a couple of sittings.

The game itself has a really good story and follows George and Nico in their latest adventure to uncover the murderer who appears in the first act of the game and in doing so they uncover a little more than they can handle with a generational religious secret.

The game stays true to it’s point and click style, something that has been a little lost in the modern days of console gaming and there are were some puzzles which really stumped me. It also stays true to its predecessors with little things like lady Piemont, Duane and Pearl making appearances and Georges fear of goats.

Well worth playing however this may be one of those games to find second hand as you’ll probably clear it very quickly and after you’ve done with it you’ll probably not play it again.

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