Game Complete: Deadpool

So last week I finally finished Shining Resonance Refrain and on the back of that success I decided that I was going to dive straight into another game, the problem was I really didn’t want to jump into something as deep or that would take a long time to finish as I put too much time into the last game, so I decided to try out Deadpool on the PS4.

I actually owned this game back in the day when I had a PS3 and sought it out after I was misinformed that the game was being pulled and recalled for some reason or other, I later found out this just wasn’t the case. I however never got beyond installing it and playing through the first level and if I am honest I don’t remember why.

So, game in the console and with the character firmly set in my mind from the two fantastic movies I sat down just 3 nights ago and set sail on what has to be one of the shortest video game journeys I have ever played. Now, don’t get me wrong, the game was fun, the voice acting and humour lived up to the character in my opinion the game just felt rushed. I don’t think I put more than 5-10 hours into the game and I was at the end. I did play on one of the easier difficulties and upping this may have made the game more difficult but ultimately I think in the end even that wouldn’t have added more to the game than an extra couple of hours.

I don’t want to spoil the game too much for anyone who is wanting to give it a shot so I won’t cover any content however there are a couple of great moments in the game which really impresses me, one of them revolves around Lady Death and the other with Wolverine, trust me you’ll know them when you see them, the plot however is, in all Deadpool fashion, a little random and goes off on the odd tangent as you play through and while as a twisted individual I don’t mind the odd bit of swearing, sexism and gratuitous violence I can understand how this wouldn’t necessarily appear to everyone, there are a lot of dick and boob jokes but it’s all in keeping with the character.

Pricewise this isn’t an expensive game and comes in around £20 at the time of writing this and can probably be found for even less if you track down a pre-owned version and at that sort of money I’d say it is worth a look.

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