Game Complete – Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

I am writing this a bit early because I haven’t actually finished the game yet but I will have by the time I finish writing it and publish it. I normally wouldn’t do this but I am at the point where I am pretty sure I have made my mind up about the game and to be honest when I get home tonight I will complete it and draw a line under it.

Have you ever played a game where you feel like you are just going through the motions? To me that is pretty much Cyber Sleuth in a nutshell. I absolutely loved Digimon growing up, it was a dit of a clone/rip off of Pokemon but there was something about those digital monsters which really resonated with me. I know Pokemon had the who evolution thing down but then Digimon added some refinements to it, the same base creature could evolve into multiple next level creatures and each of them more still.

My disappointment with this game comes from a couple of places really, firstly, and this is completely my own fault, I started playing the game in 2017 and had put about 20-30 hours into the story and then I put it down, coming back to it 2 years later I had forgotten much of the story and if I am honest I think had I started again I would have been much more invested in the characters in the underlying tale however I didn’t want to lose all that progress so I just picked up where I left off and as a result I had no interest in the story whatsoever as I have worked through the past week or two of gameplay.

Secondly there is just so much grinding, thankfully I have been watching Supernatural on Amazon Prime, and if it wasn’t for that I would have quit the game and never gone back to it. In essence you have to raise your monsters to a certain stat point to evolve them, in some cases you need a stat called ABI, this stat increases as you evolve based on the level you are when you evolve or devolve. When you do evolve/devolve you start at level 1 again and so have to power back up to be useful so you end up going through fighting over and over again just to get to a decent level. In the past couple of weeks I think I’ve added about 30 hours to my total played time and at least 20 of those have been running back and forth leveling up.

All of this could be ignored if it was just possible to get to the best evolution level and then just fight through the game but you can’t, there are missions where you need to beat boss monsters which are just too difficult unless you have certain powers, monsters like Mastermon who can reduce a foes health by 25% every turn are essential as are those with piercing damage to avoid defence and get the foe down quickly but even with these you still struggle. I specifically levelled a team based on online feedback and still had to make 3 or 4 attempts to beat one of the fights.

Honestly I am happy to see the back of this game and am dreading playing the sequel which is currently in my collection waiting to be played.

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