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I’ve known about the Mana games for a while now but the entry point to them has been a little high, the Game Boy version for example is currently listed for around £50-125 which is a bit of a risk especially if it turns out that you don’t enjoy the game. Recently however there has been a release for the Switch containing the first three games which came out at the more palatable price of just £35 so when I saw this I jumped on it.

Starting out I decided to attack Final Fantasy Adventure, it being the first in the Mana series, and while ultimately I loved the game it did take a little getting used to in that I wasn’t expecting a real time battle system and frequently completed a lot of content but then would die and have to start over as I neglected to save the game, something I realise is a me problem as I have been spoiled by auto save.

The game has a nice story which through the progression of the game you start to grow attached to the characters and by the end you, or maybe just me, find the ending quite emotional. It does feel like a Final Fantasy game and is really simple to get to grips with and the game is very linear so it’s hard to fall off the right path and get truly lost. You can only equip one magic spell or item at anytime which makes the game pretty challenging in places as you end up ultimately choosing between having a heal to hand and mele damaging the enemies or have mele option and a magical attack.

One of the boss fights in the game, showing the Switch Gameboy emulator in action

I think it took me about a week to finish this as I was really enjoying the story and I found myself reaching for the Switch a lot more to play this over other games that I am currently playing. If you’re giving the game an hour or two a day you can expect to complete it within a couple of weeks. All in all it’s a fun game and given there are two more games on the Switch collection I’d say it is great value for money.

Job done 🙂

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