Game Complete: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

So I was trying to decide on the next game to tackle in my PS4 collection and stumbled upon Lego Marvel Super Heroes, I’ve talked about the lego games a couple of times in my videos and how I remember them being really fun and simple to pick up and get on with so I thought why not see how they are on the PS4, especially I have two of them in my collection.

Story wise the game really delivers, the story is one I am not familiar with and I suspect that it is uniquely written especially for the game. You play as a team of 2 – 4 super heroes trying to stop Doctor Doom and his band of villains who are working to recover cosmic bricks to enact their nefarious scheme. Throughout the game you play as a small core team of heroes, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Hulk and The Fantastic Four however there are a lot more Heroes in the game which you can unlock by spending studs (which you collect through the levels) and by by meeting the heroes prerequisite, usually completing a task in free play.

The main story takes place over 15 levels and once complete you can free play them to unlock all the collectables in them, there are canisters to collect in every level, 100,000 studs to find and you have to rescue Stan Lee from peril. There are also 100s of smaller tasks to complete in free play mode to collect golden bricks which unlock more bonus stages through the game such as cleaning up the Daily Bugle with Phil Coulson and Doc Oc.

To be honest I struggled a bit with the game play and found it to be a bit clunky in parts especially flying as Iron Man and certain platforming elements were particularly annoying however the death penalties in the game aren’t severe so in the end I just got used to it.

This is definately game which you could easily 100% and get the coveted platinum trophy if you put the time in however after I completed it and set to doing these task I quickly became bored of running the same races or completing the puzzles so I quickly moved on to the next game.

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