Game Complete Resident Evil 0

While I am taking credit for this one I have to say technically I didn’t actually play this game, myself and my cousin Joe were talking about old games and my PS1 collection a while ago and he suggested that we should play through the remade games on the PS4 and it seemed like a good idea so we started off at the beginning with Resident Evil 0.

Having only really played the PS1 games I wasn’t sure what to expect from zero, in fact I didn’t even know it existed, the game itself serves as a precursor to the first game expanding on the back story of Rebecca Chambers and how she came to be in the Umbrella mansion.

The game adds a couple of mechanics which in my opinion add a lot of value and enjoyability to the game and franchise as a whole. I was especially enamoured with the removal of lock boxes and instead you would just drop items in a room, this felt more natural to me and a bit more realistic, you need that shotgun you left in the lobby of the mansion, then go to the lobby not a random box somewhere else in the mansion or elsewhere.

Also I really enjoyed the interactions for the most part between Billy and Rebecca although at times the AI could be infuriatingly dumb, that and we’d forget Billy had a grenade launcher equipped until you heard him shooting zombies with it and wasting precious ammo.

One thing they added which I am sort of on the fence about is the changes to the map, in essence when you are navigating around you can check your map and if you’ve found everything in a room then the room will be blue otherwise it will be red meaning you can pretty much guarantee you’ll find all those pesky items and bullets but it sort of trivialises the hunt for those secret items.

There is an absolute tonne of extra lore in the game from documents and photos scattered around in all Resident Evil style and more over all the little tips of the hat to the later games such as getting an trophy for trying to play the piano as Rebecca.

This was really fun and in parts challenging game to play and I would recommend it, especially as it comes as part of a 2 pack origins game with the HD remake of Resident Evil.

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