Game Complete Resident Evil 2

Still working through the remade Playstation classics, Resident Evil 2 is next on the agenda. This post is a little early as, while we have completed Resident Evil 2, we’ve only actually finished the main story with Leon and are planning on hitting the second side of the story using Claire. I don’t think we will go as far as hitting all 4 variants of the story as we’ve got a few more games to work through next and need to make a decision about 3 and Code Veronica as they have actually been remastered yet.

I can say honestly that Resident Evil 2 felt like a completely different game to the one I remember playing back in the 90’s at my uncles flat. The graphics had been brought up to modern standards to the point that you really couldn’t tell it from any recent release and the story got updated to make it feel more natural and made the characters a little more relatable.

Also added to the games were some of the refinements we saw in the earlier games with the maps showing if you had found all the items in a room or not, which I am still on the fence about, and general improvements to the game such as the aiming system where you get more control over where your bullets are going.

One of the things I really liked was the zombies, in the old games when you killed a zombie, they stayed dead in fact if you left the room, some super secret service came along, removed the body and cleaned the gore off the carpet however in the remake the zombies remained in place and in fact unless you took off their head they would get up again and give you more problems, eating into you limited ammo. One last thing I really liked with the zombies was that a well aimed shot could cause them permanent harm, there were a couple of zombies who we took the legs from with a well aimed shot and one who we took the arms from (although he still managed to get a bite in with no arms!)

Overall the game was really fun to play, it even had us jump in a few places and in a few places we were on the edge of our seats or in a state of panic when the tyrant came to call. As with the other Resident Evil remake games I would highly recommend that you play this as it really is a masterpiece.

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