Game Complete Resident Evil 4

After much back and forth between me and my cousin we decided that we would skip over Resident Evil 3 and Code Veronica and go straight to Resident Evil 4 with a view to hitting Code Veronica at a later date (when I dig out the PS2 version from my collection).

My history with the Resident Evil franchise ends with 3, I never played any of the later games as I took a bit of a break from console gaming as such this was the first time I have seen the game or experienced the story and while I did enjoy the game it just didn’t feel like a Resident Evil game, the zombies were gone and replaced with weird villagers of the dammed who are possessed, I guess that’s the best description, by some gribberly bug like beings.

I enjoyed the story and the game itself quite a bit, the merchant was an instant hit with me, where whenever we’d encounter him I’d have to impersonate him. The game was also pretty challenging in parts, ammo was a constant issue but we found that if we tactically upgraded the clip size on our gun it would reload the gun meaning we could get through some of the hairyer moments.

Possibly one of the most infuriating parts of the game was Ashley, the girl you have to protect, her AI was atrocious, at times it was like she was jumping in front of bullets wanting to get shot, and her health was a joke, she’d take one bullet and it would be game over try again. This added a real element of challenge when she was with you but was also a relief when she was absent.

All in all Capcom did a fantastic job remaking this, it felt like it was a modern game while being over a decade old. Well worth a play especially if you like the Resident Evil franchise.

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