Game complete: Shining Resonance Refrain

This is a bit of a random thought/idea for me, I am working through the games I have on the various consoles I have and I think I’d like to catalogue the completion of them so I can look back and remember them fondly (possibly!).

What’s the game about?

The game itself is a role playing game (RPG) which follows the story of Yuma, a warrior who shares his body with a dragon called The Shining Dragon. When the story starts you actually take control of Sonia a tanky warrior who is on a mission with Kirika to rescue Yuma from the Sanguine church who have captured Yuma and are doing experiments on him to try and draw out the power of The Shining Dragon.

As the story progresses more and more characters are added to the fray and you end up with 7 characters to choose from with skills varying from mele and magical damage dealers to healers and tanks.

What does it do well?

The game really shines, forgive the pun, in the fact that it is very easy to play, the combat system gives you two main attack types, a standard attack for dealing damage and recovering ability points (AP) and a breaking attack which allows you to weaken your opponents by breaking the defences at the right time. In addition to this you have 4 skill slots where you can customise your characters with different skills all of these consume AP so you have to mix them with the standard mele attack lest you run out AP and stand about like a wet fish.

The combat system feels a little like Kingdom Hearts 3 which I really enjoyed.

Where the game suffers

Ironically I have to say that where I feel Shining Resonance suffered was actually in the story telling, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the story but at times it felt like there was an awfully large amount of story for very little gameplay, one particularly long point was after completing about 10-15mins of content I was then treated to what felt like 30 mins of story and towards the end of the game I wasn’t letting the characters vocalise the story and was just reading it in order to progress back to the fighting.

The game also has a couple of sleezy aspects to it, in that you can dress the characters up in costumes and the female characters have some very skimpy swim suits which don’t really make sense in the scheme of this in addition there is also a dating system which really didn’t work for me and I ended up feeling like I was doing it for the sake of doing it.

Other than that though I’d say the game was pretty solid and fun to play.

Would I recommend this?

Overall yes, if you like a good RPG and aren’t familiar with the franchise it is definitely worth a look, if you aren’t about real time combat this may be a little off putting but I’d recommend perseverance as once you get into the flow it becomes really enjoyable.

`Also in addition it’s not a very expensive game, I picked this up around a month ago brand new for less than £20 and in addition to the main game there is an extra mode where you can play through as different characters on the other side of the story.

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