Game Complete: Spider-Man

I am a bit late to the party with this game, when it was released a number of my friends picked it up and raved about how great it was and how I had to play it but when this happens I tend to dodge the game, movie, book or whatever it was like the plague just because I don’t think it would live up to the hype. Anyway, I’ve been off work for a few days feeling unwell so I decided that I needed to do something to take my mind off things so got into this.

I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve played a game this good in a long time, I know I said I don’t buy into the hype with these things but I can’t stress how much fun this game is, you take the title role of Spider-Man and the game starts by throwing you into the deep end fighting against Wilson Fisk and his goons. This serves as your intro to combat and Spider-Man’s abilities.

As you progress through the game you unlock more skills and abilities to make you more efficient in combat and you game levels making you stronger and granting you more health. These gadgets quickly become a core element of playing the game, web blasts to quickly dispatch weaker enemies or electric webs to stun the stronger ones so you can land more hits undamaged.

The game follows a main story arc which you can run through directly or you can run side quests collecting photos or completing bases, challenges, stealth missions all sorts of random content to keep you going between missions, this is part of what I loved but also what got on my nerves a little a times as each of these activities grants you tokens to upgrade your gear or unlock new suits (the suits are awesome) however in order to 100% the game and unlock everything you’ll need to perform well in them to get the most tokens and some of them are a right pain in the backside to do (drone chases I am looking at you).

The visuals are absolutely beautiful and within no time at all you’ll be swinging through New York like a pro and feel just like Spider-Man, planning your decent so that you can zip onto a chimney stack and leaping from that over the building and then swinging on, there is a fast travel system but I found myself wanting to swing back and forth it was just that fun.

Not to forget the story, the story was really engaging and well told, at the start of the game you take down Fisk and send him off to the raft, where all the super criminals go and shortly after he is sent to jail a new bad guy tries to fill the power void, all the while you are trying to hold down you job as a lab assistant. I don’t want to give too much away but you get to face off against some of Spider-Mans big headline villains as the story progresses and if you take the time to explore there is tonnes of lore from the Spider-Man and Marvel universe to be found.

Whilst the game is serious in parts and somber in others, it wouldn’t be a Spider-Man game if they didn’t have the witty banter the Spider-Man is known for, whether it’s just mocking the bad guys as you beat them down or Spider-Cop interludes whilst swinging through the city. It is very evident that either Insomniac (the developer) were huge fans themselves, and that’s where my money is, or they pumped a lot of time and effort into the research into the character and the universe.

One minor bugbear that I will finish on is that I went out of my way to get the 100% platinum trophy for this game (stealth brag) however when I look at my profile it only shows 62% as it includes all the trophies for the DLC, I guess this is to group them so you can see them all under the one entry for Spider-Man however I think a better way to manage this would be to show the base games as standard and then IF you buy the DLC then add the trophies to the entry either as they have done via a folder containing them or to the core set.

That aside it is a fantastic game and one I’d recommend to any Marvel/Spider-Man fan or anyone just looking for a game to play which will keep you entertained for hours.

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