Pickups 23rd December

I’ve been looking forward to writing this, even if I’ve been putting it off for a few days now. I’ve been off work all week for the Christmas period and between hospital visits and shopping trips I managed to get out to a different town to my normal stomping grounds and as with any new town come new shops to peruse for video games.

First up I managed to land a massive haul of games for my PS1 collection, most of these were in really good shape and all of them were complete, of them I have only played one of them, Rapid Racer, which as I remember it was quite fun but the controls were a little difficult to master as the developer was trying to simulate the way the boat interacts with the water at speed and felt a bit hit and miss.

There are a couple of games in the set that I am looking forward to trying though, Men in Black looks like it may be an interesting play and with Batman of the Future I really enjoyed the cartoon so if the game has a story which in line with the show even if the gameplay isn’t great it will be enjoyable.

One game I was a little clumsy with was Rat Attack, I bought this on sight as I knew I didn’t own it and didn’t spend the time to look over the case, if I had I would have seen that the game was a French version of the game, I am sure it will have an English translation on the disk as most of the PAL region games support multiple languages but I will have to replace it at some point with an UK edition but I am disappointed in myself. A lesson to all here though is to check the text on the game to ensure that it is an appropriate game for your collection.

Next up we have some N64 games I found across a few different shops, I haven’t played any of these but have heard good things about Armorines and Jet Force Gemini so when I get some time to experiment with new N64 games I will definitely pick these out and give them a play though.

While I was searching this new town I found a little hidden gem of a shop which specialised in retro games, at this point I had spend way too much on games so I had to be really cautious but I did pick up two Mega Drive games, Side Pocket was a game I played through my childhood, this was a really fun pool game, it had a few modes but my favourite was a trickshot mode where you had to make various shots to unlock tiles of a Catchphrase style picture of a semi-naked woman, gee I wonder why I was interested…

TaleSpin I picked up just because it looked like it was based on the same engine that Quack Shot was built on and I remember the TV show fondly but don’t recall playing or seeing this game when I was younger.

The final set of games I picked up this week were picked up just this Saturday when we hit the charity shops again for games, I again haven’t played any of these before, I’ve heard of a couple of them, San Andreas I know is a beloved game in the GTA franchise and I played Silent Hill 1 on the PS1 but I sort of fell out with horror as a genre a while ago so never got onto the 3rd game in the franchise.

I’ll try and get another pick ups post next week if I manage to find anything but with Christmas and New Year I suspect pickings will be slim.

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