Pickups 2nd January

Hi again, another week another set of pick ups, it’s been a bit quiet over Christmas so I haven’t managed to pick much up but I did get a few games in my travels and from the internet.

First up are the new games I picked up for the Switch, I managed to get a good deal online through an HUKD offering, so far I’ve tried Slain and to be honest while the music is pretty awesome I can’t quite get the hang of the game play. That said I am not giving in, however for now I’ve moved onto Dead Cells which I am absolutely loving.

The game has you playing a prisoner who collects cells from enemies you slay while working through the randomly generated levels, as you complete the levels you use the cells you collect are used to purchase permanent upgrades. When you die (and you will die) you start again but as mentioned earlier the levels are randomly generated so the game play feels fresh.

Next up is my Playstation pickups, in the town where I live there is a shop which sells used DVDs and games and for a while they had a small number of PS1 games which disappeared as quickly as they appeared, this week though I had a little more time and got talking to the owner about games and mentioned I was looking for PS1 games to which he told me that he had a number of games in the back and didn’t have them out as he didn’t have room, and as there were more people buying PS2 and XBOX 360 games he was prioritising them, He then invited my to take a look through them I found these.

Destruction Derby is one I really enjoyed growing up, I played more of the second one but I am looking forward to giving this a bash again. Also WIpeout 2097 was a fantastic game from my childhood, I recently tried to play the first one and got absolutely trashed finishing last and not managing to shoot down a single racer, not to be deterred though I am going to give this a play and hopefully it will be easier to play.

Finally the last two games I picked up in the same shop as the PS1 games, Monster Hunter is a franchise I’ve never played before but I’ve heard good things about it, more recently the PS4/XBOX One versions but having a PSP and landing it for just £1 I figured I might aswell give it a go.

All in all a couple of lessons learnt this week, if you’re looking for games and they haven’t got any on display just ask, there may be some but they may just may not be out and that I suck at Wipeout…

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