Pickups December 1st

Continuing from last weeks post I’ve been out on the hunt for new games again this week and while I wasn’t as lucky as I’d have hoped in locating games my cousin came through and sold me some of his childhood collection as he was looking to have a clear out. 

First up is a bunch of Playstation 1 games, I got these on Gumtree around 4 weeks ago however it took forever for them to arrive as the shop where they were posted from sat on them for 2 weeks while their DPD machine was broken.

I have to admit I am really pleased with these as there are two games in here which I loved growing up, Dynasty Warriors and Everybody’s Golf but there are a couple in there that I am also looking forward to trying in Judge Dredd and The Fifth Element. The latter is one of my favourite films of all time so I am probably going to be sorely disappointed by the game.  Judge Dredd again I enjoyed the original movie (the one with Sly Stalone).

Next up we have the games I managed to pick up this week at the charity shops, there isn’t anything amazing here in my opinion although I am intrigued about Bust-A-Move Ghost, I do enjoy Bust-A-Move games but I am wondering what the ghost part relates to, is the main character dead or helping the dead in some way. 

Next up we have some more Playstation games, this time for the PS2. Another big thank you to my cousin here as he donated all of these to my collection. I am not a big horror fan but the story of Fahrenheit sounds like it could be really fun.  

Here is the collection of Game Gears  my cousin sold me, unfortunately one of the machines doesn’t work, another of them has some really bad deformation to the rear of the case (I suspect that it has melted on a radiator) and the final one has a terrible screen which has to be viewed at an odd angle.

I think I am going to pick up some game bit drivers a re-case the melted one with the broken ones case, and I’ll take a look over the disassembly instructions and if it isn’t too complex may try to move the LCD from the broken one to the one which has a rubbish screen.

Finally I picked up the Amiibo Festival game for the Wii U, this was something that Argos were selling off for £3 on eBay, I know that this game is really detested but for £3 you can’t really complain.

I did also manage to pick up a couple of additional consoles, a 360 and a Game Cube, I’ve had games for these for a while but not had the consoles. I am particularly looking forward to using the Game Cube as I picked up Donkey Konga a while ago and I hear it was really good.

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