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Recently I’ve been falling down the You Tube rabbit hole and watching a lot of videos from game collectors talking about their collections and how to get started, what hardware exists and some guides to rarity. If you’re interested I’ll put some links at the bottom to a couple of my favourites.

One of the channels features videos showing games which they’ve recently picked up which has inspired me to do the same as I do go out every week looking for games when I take my mum and niece shopping.

First up is a set of PS2 games which I was lucky enough to find in a charity shop for just £3. Now don’t get me wrong the games themselves aren’t that great however there are a couple of good games in Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.   I already own The rise of the underminer which is the follow up to The Incredibles so picking up the first game was a win for me.

I’ve not played any of the other games before and to be honest a couple are just going to go into the collection never to be played as I am not a fan of football and first person shooters but I am interested in trying out Splashdown as it’s an Atari game, who tend to knock out pretty good games, and I tend to enjoy water racing games like Rapid Racer on the PS1.

A few more games here for the Playstation consoles here, nothing really amazing here apart from Spider-man which I was holding out for when it was released as I expected it to drop in price quite quickly as most popular games tend to. I picked this up on a black Friday deal for just £29 which I believe is a steal. I really am looking forward to playing this as I like superhero games and the last Spider-Man game I played (Shattered Dimensions) was exceptional.

Next I found some original XBOX games, unfortunately I don’t actually own an XBOX at the moment so these will go straight into storage but I am hopeful that I will pick one up at some point.  The big issue that I have with getting a console here is that they aren’t really about for a good price because they were modable to run XBMC and massive collections of games so when they do come up for a good price they tend to get snapped up so that someone can mod them and flip them for a good profit.

A couple of random other console finds here Boogie and Weakest link were nice and cheap, I already owned The Weakest Link but the one I found was in a really good case which I can swap for one of my less good cases but it also had a preowned paper disc under the game that I have never seen before, this was an advert from Game letting people know they could trade in their games. 

Shante and the Switch Pro controller were again black Friday deals which I couldn’t resist.

Bonus item, I paid more that I would have liked for this, not because it wasn’t worth it but I am storing my games on a bookcase and this takes up a lot of room but it is a throw back to my younger days where you would store your games in something like this to keep them from being damaged.

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