Games room re-organise

I don’t really have a plethora of space in my place, as I live in a rented one bedroom flat however I am trying to make my bedroom more suited for my collection and turning it into a games room which I sleep in 🙂

To that end I have had a reorder of furniture (in which I broke my chest of draws) and am pretty happy with how the first phase of it is looking.

I’m thinking about moving the consoles around a bit and putting a Dreamcast in place of my Gameboy and eventually getting that backwards compatible PS3 to replace my PS2. I’d also like to find a nice storage solution for the pads and light guns so they aren’t just stacked by or on the console. I’m also thinking about installing a couple of floating shelved above the monitor to hold some more of my larger boxed items onto them.

Finally I am going to start to install twin slot shelving along around 10-11 ft of one of the walls to hold the games themselves as they are currently all in banana boxes as I just don’t have the room, I’ll need to sort a few things out for alternate storage before getting to this part of the project but fingers crossed it should be a “fun” project creating a proper space for my hobby.

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