Pickups 14th January

Sorry for the delay in posting, it’s been a busy Christmas and a little on the expensive side so I’ve not had much disposable income to spend on gaming bits however I did manage to get some games on eBay for my Sega Mega Drive collection.

This was an auction which I bid on and was a little annoyed by as I originally put £25 down on it and was out bid in the last minute, I know this is part of the whole eBay thing and I accept it, but what pissed me off is that the seller relisted them within a couple of minutes of the item ending, which left me thinking that they had a friend bumping the value of the auction as they were’t happy with the price it was selling for.

Normally in this situation I’d walk away from the auction because it’s very underhanded behaviour and to be honest there isn’t anything amazing in the bundle especially as Talmit’s Adventure is missing it manual but when I saw it was relisted I stuck in a best offer as I had some money still on my Paypal credit from the last lot of games I sold. As I am sure you can guess my offer was accepted and with them I managed to upgrade my copy of Fifa 95 and gain 7 new game for the collection.

I’m out hunting games this weekend so hopefully there will be a few more to post about this week. Also I may be swapping to video posts in the coming weeks as I’ve decided to stretch myself and learn how to edit videos. This is pretty big ask so please don’t hold me to this as I haven’t started yet and I am pretty busy but as I get into it I will start to talk more about my first video.

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