Pickups December 17th

Again I’m a little late with my post of gaming pickups but I’ve had a really really really busy weekend and only just managed to get out today to do some game hunting and shopping.

The first set of pick ups this week are a couple of games for my Mega Drive which I found for a good price, Ecco the Dolphin I already owned however my copy was unboxed so I managed to upgrade my copy to a boxed version with manual which I am very happy about, as for the game itself I am a little embarrassed about admitting this but I haven’t actually even beat the first level on this, back in the day we had this game but could never figure it out.

Kid Chameleon I almost beat when I was much younger however I never got to the end of it. the game is really fun and I can’t wait to get back into it and hopefully beat it.

Finally World Snooker Challenge 2005 is a game I think I played for 100’s of hours, the game was really fun (if you enjoy snooker),

I also had the chance to hit up Cash Generator today, this is a franchise store in the UK, where I found a bucket load of games which I didn’t own and the majority of them were £1-2 each too so I got to build up my collection and for not much money.

Of the games I purchased I had only played one of them, GTA:London 1969, I have some really fond memories of this game growing up at my uncles house playing through the main story and running down as many innocent bystanders as I possibly could, and going on personal kill frenzies when I got a little bored.

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