Pickups December 9th

What a week, this week at work we launched 2 applications into each of the Google and Apple app stores and the bedlam that ensued has really kept me busy, even Saturday when I’d normally hit the charity and pawn shops looking for new games I was dealing with problems and didn’t actually get to look for any games.  That being said I did get 1 game which my mum kindly picked up for me while she was out shopping.

I have to admit with this I really wasn’t interested when she said I have a game for you, it’s star wars the clone wars.  My response was pretty much “Oh thanks, I don’t have that one.” but when I collected it I saw upon the box the words “Lightsaber Duels” and hope was rekindled. 

I’ve been impatiently waiting for Beatsaber to come to PSVR so I can live out my dream of waving a lightsaber around like a lunatic but could this tide me over until I can buy it… The answer was a resounding no, the controls are clunky and it just doesn’t feel right.

Don’t get me wrong when I was playing it I was like a kid at Christmas, making my own lightsaber noises swinging my Wii-mote around telling Obi-Wan I am the chosen one before hacking the shit out of him but the game just wasn’t my cup of tea.

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