Getting my house in order

Well today is pay day, woooo. I honestly didn’t think I’d make it with all the stupid spending I’ve done in January on games for the collection, I have got a few bits I need to flip so some of that money should come back to me but for the most part it’s just gone into the collection.

I’ve also been doing a bit of eBaying to clear out some old stuff and have made a fair amount on there but again with the recent price hike in some games I’ve been looking for I’ve re-invested the most of it in them so that i don’t end up wanting then next year and them being even more money!

As for the title of this post have started on that path of getting my finances in order, the first thing on the agenda for me was to look over my credit report and see where I stood. To be honest it wasn’t all that bad but the score could have been better. As such I have cleared one loan that was nearing it’s end and also closed a couple of old credit cards, to be honest I wasn’t using them anyway I was just playing the pass the balance game with them to keep my card balance at 0%, a very dangerous game because I hadn’t realised that I had amassed a massive £15k in available credit!

The current plan for me is a little longer term than I would like but I am now down to the minimum credit I need and have a plan to work through it, the car is going to run it’s term, there is still 2 years to run on that so as my longest debt I am going to use that as my milestone for starting the process of getting a home for me. The next closest is the stupid loan I took out when I had my issues, this has 14 months left but I am going to aim to clear that off sooner as it will free up some cash for savings finally my credit card is starting to get back into order and I think I can be free and clear of it before June if I carry on the way I am going.

Originally the card was supposed to be for the car insurance (as it was 0% purchases) and emergencies however this became a overspend option for me so if something came along and I didn’t have the cash like say a new phone, it went on the card, something I regret now, but its well on it’s way to gone thanks to some harsh decisions, and soon enough I will free that cash up too for savings!

So the plan in a nut shell is to, starting next month (car needs a service and some work this month), to put some savings away, increase this when the credit card is paid off and then increase it again when the loan is paid off, this will give me a good chunk of the deposit needed when the car is all paid for.

It’s all a plan at this stage but it should be possible… right.

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