Here we go again…

For the past couple of weeks now I have been having some issues with my PC, to be honest they’ve been going on longer but my recent deep dive into Netflix and retro gaming has moved the issue from something that needed doing urgently to something that can wait a while.  

Well with the release of the new Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, I have found myself using the PC on a near daily basis for at least an hour a day and it’s no longer something that I can live with. 

One thing that always comes to mind when I start this process is that it always seems to take longer than you expect, many a time for past installations I’ve thought to myself, “Hey, it’s only 10pm, I can reinstall Windows, redownload my apps and get everything patching while I sleep, then at 2am I am sat red-eyed at my PC waiting for the latest updates, or for the process to complete. 

Anyway, I better crack on with the install, I have an EULA agreement to “read” and agree to…

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