Hiding in the loo

Well it is day 2 in the office and as per everything is going badly. Work coming at me from all sides and I am starting to feel the pressure, so much so that I have decided to take my lunch and hide in the loop listening to music and trying to chill out before I explode.

Other than that I have been having more of the usual sleep problems and getting up at 7am for work may actually be killing me.

Much as I complain about it the RMT train strikes which have ruined my trips to and from work are going to help next week as they are striking for 3 days so my plan is to work from home, that should give me the ability to sleep in a little and when I wrap up at 5 I am done and already home! Winner.

Probably should head back now, been here 10 mins and there’s stuff that needs doing.

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