Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

I have to say as much as I didn’t want to watch this film I kind of did want to see it. I have never really considered myself a fan of Rowen Atkinson however the film itself looked like it could have been good fun. 

The premise of the film is fairly straightforward, there has been a compromise and all active MI7 agents have been compromised. With no-one to turn to they have to find a retired agent who can track down the evil mastermind and stop them before their scheme comes to fruition.

The film itself I quite enjoyed, not as much as the group sat behind me mind you, but it was OK.  In a way you know what you are going to get with this sort of film, and it didn’t let me down, there was the usual physical, slapstick humor with jokes which were at time borderline painful but there was nothing really offensive in there and it felt like it would be accessible to a younger audience.

Overall I’d give this 3/5 just for Atkinson dancing.

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