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For a while now I have been collecting and playing old school games, it feels a little like me having a mid-life crisis and trying to capture my youth. That being said for the most part it has been an enjoyable way to pass some time and get regress to a time when gaming was simpler.

Over the past month or three however I have been focusing my efforts on a Playstation 1 game called MediEvil, in this game you take control a character called Daniel Fortesque, an undead skeleton knight who is brought back 100 years after his death. Daniel is a famed warrior of the people who believe that he fell in mortal combat with the villain of the game, Zarok, the truth however is that Daniel fell in the first charge, to the first arrow fired which took him in the eye.

The game itself is actually pretty fun, it’s a little hack and slash but as you progress through the levels you gain better weapons which enable you to take on stronger foes and there are challenges in the game which still hold up to this day.  

While on the most part MediEvil is a good game it does have one failing… the characters ability to jump. Now for 90% of the game this isn’t something you need to worry about on one particular level (The Ghost Ship) you are required to either jump across three or four platforms which are rising and falling or alternatively you are required to jump across some swinging platforms onto some rotating platforms to get to the end of stage boss, worse still is after doing this if you wish to get the chalice you have to go back over the area you jumped and repeat the process.

Falling from these platforms costs you a health bar (which at this point of the game you will have between 4-6) and it will return you to the platform you fell from, unfortunately the jumping is that bad that it has took me 3 different attempts to get through this averaging out at an hour or two each time. 

I’ll be honest, I am not the greatest gamer, I am good but I know I make mistakes and I accept that. That said this has to be the most infuriating part of any game I can think of in recent history, how this made it through play testing and QA is beyond me, I mean at one point I was raging so hard that I actually threw my controller on the floor and raged out of the room. It’s a platformer game where you can’t actually platform, FFS, get your shit together before you release something to live. 

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