Microsoft Consoles

This one’s going to be small!

Of all the console families I’ve had the least exposure to the Microsoft family of systems, the XBOX launched while I was in full fanboy mode with my Playstation and so I didn’t play one and now I think about it I still haven’t to this day. I do own one so that may have to be something for me to change in short order.

The 360 however was a console that I pre-ordered and queued up for, and bought into 100%, looking back I am not sure why I didn’t want a Playstation 3, it may have been an impulse thing or possibly peer pressure as a lot of my friends were XBOX and I wanted to be part of the more social aspects of gaming.

I really got into the whole gamer score thing too, earning achivments and having a bigger points score than my friends was, looking back, overly important to me.

Then there were the games, Kameo elements of power, one of the launch titles I had was amazing fun and games like viva pinata took up many hours of my time. I also loved the indy scene on the console and played a lot of hold em poker and not to forget Uno.

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