Nintendo Consoles

Below is a bit of my history with Nintendo consoles and links out to my collections, be warned it’s a bit wordy but you can skip down to the collections by using this link.

Where it (almost) all began for me

A long long time ago in a childhood now far away I started on my journey into the world of video games, the first computer I had growing up was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, this was mostly because growing up we didn’t have much money and the Spectrum was near its end of life so my parents could afford it as everyone was buying consoles like the NES.

Eventually our Spectrum broke (completely accidentally of course) and we got for Christmas that year the ROB the robot NES package, and it was for us the single greatest console we had ever seen, no more loading game cassettes, it was heaven. Games like Duck Hunt, Excite Bike and The Legend of Zelda were my favorites but with the NES I also had the option to borrow games to friends and get a different game in return, something that we couldn’t really do with the Spectrum as none of our friends had one. Not only that but suddenly I could talk to my friends about what I was playing or what they were and the social aspect of gaming was realised.

From the NES I was lucky enough to get a Gameboy, one of the original DMG-01’s and this just blew my mind, I could take my games with me, play them at my friends house or wherever I was and there was Tetris too, what a game, simple to play difficult to master. There were other games which really set this console in my mind as one of the greatest machines of all time, games like Pokemon and Super Marioland are right at the top of my list.

Then we sort of fell out with Nintendo, not for anything they did but because our peers were all playing Sega consoles and so we skipped the Super Nintendo all together although we did get one again towards its end of life.

Skipping over the handhelds I didn’t really have an N64 or Gamecube, I was in camp Sony when they were launched, however I did have access to an N64 through my uncle and it was simply amazing how far consoles were coming and how quickly, I know these seem like obvious choices but games like Goldeneye and Lylac Wars were just so good and even the less popular games like mission impossible were great fun.

Next in line for me was the Nintendo Wii where I feel Nintendo read the market perfectly, they released a console which felt like it was year old hardware and graphics, but did so at a price point that people couldn’t really argue with. Better still the console changed the way people game with the mainstream introduction of movement based controls, I know there were other consoles that did this before them but this was the core concept of the console. Building even further on this they included Wii Sports with the console, a FREE game! This also proved to be one of the best games for the machine and I probably spent more time playing this than any other game on my Wii.

Following on from the Wii was it’s successor, the Wii-U, I actually got to try out this console before it made it to market at GameFest, a one time event ran by the UK game store, Game. While it seemed like it was going to be fun the tablet device seemed like it was a bit clumsy and it didn’t feel as intuitive as the Wii and ultimately when it was released I decided to stay away.

Finally, to finish off this page, we have the Switch and for me this was akin to the Vita, I knew it was coming and I didn’t want to be burnt again with another handheld system that used proprietary games carts making it expensive to develop and deliver so I decided to avoid it, however then on the night of release I did a 180 and drove around from supermarket to supermarket until I found one in stock and I have to say it is one of my favorite consoles in a while. This is especially weird to me as the majority of the games I love on it are Wii-U games which have been released on the console.

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