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I randomly rant about things and stuff and not to forget the stuff and things, you can find my latest posts in this section of the site.

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Find out the things which really grind my gears on the list.

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I started trying to make my own games a while ago with C#, they're not great but I enjoyed the challenge. Why not take a look?

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Game Pickups December 1st

Home > Blog > Game Pickups December 1st Continuing from last weeks post I’ve been out on the hunt for new games again this week and while I wasn’t as lucky as I’d have hoped in locating games my cousin came through and sold me some of his childhood collection as he was looking to […]

Game Pickups November

Home > Blog > Game Pickups November Recently I’ve been falling down the You Tube rabbit hole and watching a lot of videos from game collectors talking about their collections and how to get started, what hardware exists and some guides to rarity. If you’re interested I’ll put some links at the bottom to a […]

eBay Follow Up

Home > Blog > eBay Follow Up Not had chance to post but the game I sold and accepted the return on has arrived back to me. When it landed I was eager to get this tested and contested with eBay, so much so I had played my own copy so I could power through […]

PlayStation mini thoughts

Home > Blog > PlayStation mini thoughts Apologies for the lack of posts recently, my PC blew up, literally smoke billowing out of thee back, and as such I’ve been without the means I’d usually use to post. So the mini As most people who know me I am a bit of a gamer and […]

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