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I randomly rant about things and stuff and not to forget the stuff and things, you can find my latest posts in this section of the site.

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Find out the things which really grind my gears on the list.

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I started trying to make my own games a while ago with C#, they're not great but I enjoyed the challenge. Why not take a look?

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The Predator (2018)

Home > Blog > The Predator (2018) It’s been a couple of weeks now since we got out to the cinema, partially my fault as I’d skipped a week through feeling ill and then the following week we made it to the cinema but ended up staying in the pub as there wasn’t much to […]

MediEvil box art


Home > Blog > MediEvil For a while now I have been collecting and playing old school games, it feels a little like me having a mid-life crisis and trying to capture my youth. That being said for the most part it has been an enjoyable way to pass some time and get regress to […]

Here we go again…

Home > Blog > Here we go again… For the past couple of weeks now I have been having some issues with my PC, to be honest they’ve been going on longer but my recent deep dive into Netflix and retro gaming has moved the issue from something that needed doing urgently to something that […]

The redesign lives

Home > Blog > The redesign lives Been a little bored of late and had some time to myself so I decided to wipe the site and re-do it with a new theme and features.  More updates should be coming soon however for now feel free to get your revenge for all the things I’ve […]

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