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Who doesn’t remember that iconic sound byte when you start up Sonic the Hedgehog, it became synonymous with the Mega Drive and to this day I can’t think of the Mega Drive without hearing that sound in my head.

Back in the day I got a Mega Drive over the SNES and absolutely didn’t regret it for a second. The games were just so good and so much fun to play. Back in the late 80’s/early 90’s when I played the console I don’t think I actually completed all that many games on the console, I’d like to think that they were too difficult, and while that was the case in some cases for the most part I was not all that skilled.

Growing up my uncle had a Mega Drive too and we would regularly share games between us and it was through gaming that we became much closer that I was to any of my other many aunties or uncles. His gaming attitudes and preferences also coloured my own too as he introduced me into franchises like Mortal Kombat, Gauntlet and Micro Machines, all of which still to this day I fondly remember and play when new iterations of them are released.

As for the other Sega consoles we didn’t have a Master System however we did get bought a convertor which allowed us to play the games on our Mega Drive which expanded the library of games we could play somewhat however I remember we were a little late to the Mega Drive so when we did play them they felt dated and so didn’t get much screen time.

I also didn’t have a Game Gear, when we got the choice of a portable we decided we wanted the Game Boy and as it was one between the lot of us we could work the system and get one of each (we did later get a Game Boy each however this was primarily as the colour had launched and we could share games meaning we could fight over Mario Land).

Moving on from the Mega Drive I pretty much left Sega behind I didn’t get a Saturn or a Dreamcast although I did have access to the latter through my uncle and games like Sonic adventure were amongst my favorites, in fact while I didn’t have a Dreamcast I did have a VMU and I would play at my uncles and get a Chao and play with it at school.

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