Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

I was pretty sure when I got this that I’d enjoy it and I am pleased to say I was correct,

When I picked this game up I had only really heard of it in a couple of You Tube videos where other gamers were saying they’d picked it up because they had heard it was good but none of them had actually played it or were able to give any insight into it. There was a black Friday deal on this game though so I picked it up on a steal.

The game focuses on the titled Shantae, a half genie who protects a town for pirates and assorted other bad guys while looking after her friends, the game has some really fun mechanics such as the ability to transform yourself into an array of animal forms these allow you to complete puzzles and find secret items.

This mechanic feels a little like Kameo on the XBOX 360 although looking into the history of Shantae I suspect Kameo got it transmogrification from Shantae as it’s been around for quite some time now on other consoles as far back as the Gameboy.

In addition to the transformation mechanic, you defeat enemies by whipping your hair at them or by using magical spells that you learn through the stores in he towns or hidden in the levels.

I’d highly recommend picking this game up if you see it as the game is really fun to play and while you can conqueror it inside 5 or 6 hours with 100% completion there are a number of modes to play through including a ninja and pyjama mode which add a different angle to the gameplay.

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